Thursday, March 4, 2010


I have been putting off getting on the bike for about the last month for couple reasons. It is not because I don't like to ride, but skiing has been wonderful and I feel mentally it will be good for me with the long hours that I will be putting in this year.
Yesterday though, was a bike day. How could I resist with the sun shinning and with the tems near 40 degrees. We, Matt N. and I, rode out to St. Joe to explore the new Co Rd 51. I can't wait to do a little hill time trial on that with a road bike. Very nice. I also noticed that the county has done some improvements to Wild Wood ski area on 51. Looks very nice. Hopefully I can make it out there for a ski before we lose all the snow.
The ride from there lead us to some grave for a while and popped us out West of Avon. Just a few hills in there which felt great.
Finally back home with a good almost 4 hrs, I had a 3 minute pit stop, and I was off and running to finalize some year end ski room stuff at the high school. More on that soon.

Riding tip for early spring riding: Bring plenty of nutrition products with, even if you think, "I won't eat all of that."

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