Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 U. S National 24 Hour Championships

Photo taken at Mueller State Park about 15 miles west of Colorado Springs, CO or directly on the west side of Pikes Peak. We stayed here two days before the Championships and it proved to be a great place to stay. The camp we set up was at an altitude of 9400ft and it felt great. A little winded the first day there, but I adjusted very well. Angela did also, who is pictured here at over 8 months pregnant, and Ben.

Walking to the start of the 2011 24 National Championships. I could not have asked for a better day with the weather. After a little stress the night before with set up, we made a wise choice to stay with some great people minutes away, and I was able to rest well the night before the race. It paid off!

This photo was taken after I paraded around the venue on the back side. Angela and Ben were able to meet me here if needed anything additionally from the pit if I didn't stop.

Here I am on the back side, riding along the edge of a cliff that goes straight down! That is Pikes Peak in the background at 14,110ft!! (Riding bike #3)

Getting ready for night time with my super light Cannondale Flash. This bike proved to be a great bike for the course because of all the climbing, however, the course was very technical that the full suspension was nice to have to take the edge off.

Here I am with what I thought was the last lap, with Ben waiting to give me a little something in that precious bottle. With the very dry climate, I drank a lot of fluids during the duration of the race, and especially when the morning temps warmed up quickly. This was not the last lap, I was feeling great, tired but still feeling like I had something left in the tank. One more lap I went; didn't even stop at the pit the last 4 laps. I ended up passing a rider in the last couple of laps to bring me up a position. Maybe I was just getting warmed up? (I wonder if there would ever be a 36 hour race?)
I finished the U. S. 24 Hour National Championships in 6th place overall. I was pleased with the end result considering many factors of the race. There are always going to be the what ifs, but that is the game of racing. I raced for 23 hours and 52 minutes or close to that, and traveled 208 miles.

With a shower after getting packed up, I drove the first two hours of our trip back to MN. Ben drove another couple and we all called it a night. A special thanks to Angela, my wife, and great friend, Ben, for all their support. Thanks to all my sponsors who provided me with the equipment that makes it possible too.

Stay tuned for what I have been up to for the last couple weeks and to what is ahead.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


For the last ten years I have been supported with SMITH optics and have had zero complaints with the optics. Yes, some fit better than others, but overall, it was a good relationship but change was needed. Change is what happened.
Somewhat late in the year to make a major change with what I know that works, but I could not pass on this opportunity. Oakley is the new sponsor for me and Oakley products will soon be available at the store.

Based on how the glasses felt once I first tried them on, it was love at first sight!

The technology behind the lenses, the overall fit and functionality are remarkable. I have been testing the photochromatic lense for the last couple of weeks and report that it is ideal in many situations. No more need to have a full drawer of lenses to search through.

With the ventilation of the frame and lenses, there have been no problems with the lenses fogging over with these climate changing mornings. Awesome products. A great start to a great relationship.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Countdown is approaching fast

Colorado Springs, CO is the new host to the U. S. A. 24 Hour Mountain Bike Championships for 2011.
For more information on the race, please follow the link to official website by clicking on the logo.
Yes, I will be attending as preparation for this race has been a long time counting; over three years to be exact . Departure from MN in 1 week.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tuesday night group ride

No the gravel nights have not started on Tuesdays and nor has the mountain bike night started and been moved to Tuesdays. Jimmy just thought it would be nice to rock a minimum maintenance road on road bikes. Bring it on, I guess.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The Wausau24 is a race that has a format that starts at 10am and goes till the next morning. I prefer this format as the day gets long, the nights get longer, and I get faster as time goes on. This is the first race of the season for me and it is being used as a preparation race for the upcoming U. S. National Championships. Having it been a while since I have raced, I was rearing to go. The race started with the usual lemond running start. Not my specialty. Rolling with the plan of having the first three laps pretty fast, the racers and the riders were going to be seperated early. Moving up continuously through the first three laps, I was ridining is fourth. On lap four, the pace was still being held fast and picking off one more rider and seeing the race leaders in the singletrack, I was feeling pretty good. Lap four complete and onto "FIVE" The was getting closer at this point with the leaders about two minutes ahead. Two minutes is nothing in a 24 hour race unless Mother Nature has anything to say about it. With the lap nearing completion, the skies opened up and down came the rain. Not just a gentle rain, but one like the Midwest ohas experienced numerous of times this summer. Along with rain, thunder and lightning, the race was going to continue I thought. Unknown to me, the weather rules stated by the race director stating the race will cease if lightning is present. What seem unfair and still a weighted issue that will pass, my fifth lap did not count because of the lightning. That is a huge blow so early on in a 24 hour race and the harder blow was that the timing area was not closed yet when the two riders ahead of me had their laps count. Not fair.

Race on hold for 1.5 hrs.

At the restart, feeling deafed only hours into a race and having 17 hours still to go was a mind challenge. Knowing that I was an hour and a full lap behind on great competition, I knew the race may have been lost there. I stayed focused at the restart to pursue my own goals in preparation of Colorado Springs.

I rode very strong through the entirety of the race. Taking a maximum of 1 minute 45 seconds between laps help keep my legs loose to keep turning the pedals over and over. Moving through the night, nutrition played the biggest factor so I would stay fueled for the long night. 4a.m. was the toughest point for me. I felt like I was intoxicated and I came a few points where I was hallucinating. Made it through that lap and it got easier as day broke.

I finished the Wausau24 in fourth place. I was a little disappointed in the end placing, but I did come away with some very valuable information. I totaled about 220 miles in just less than 22 hours. I could not do this if it was not for my sponsors and providing me with the best bikes and equipment to keep me rolling. A huge special thanks to my wife, Angela. She is the back bone of the support crew taking care of everything while I am on the bike. Even being 28 weeks pregnant, she is a trooper. Also thanks to Ryan Horkey for assistance through the night.

Up next is 24 Hour U.S. National Championships. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A view of a quick year!!

June 2010, Parry Sound, Ontario.

3rd Place, 24 hours of Summer Solstice. Great race and great competition.

On our way home with a little run on the beach. Well, a run for Angela and Pavlov. Both of them were my awesome support crew.

One month later, it was time to tackle another 24 hour race. This time we were in WI for Wausau 24 at Nine Mile Forest.

Seems to me, 3rd place was going to be the story of the year.

A little break in the action for me, but now it was time for Angela to do her thing. Chicago Olympic Triatlon. She had fun, and did an amazing job. I was a nervous wreck watching the bike portion. Biking on a highway, coned off from traffic and potholes everywhere; not a good scenario.

She finished and did a great good in overcoming the heat. It was like 103 degrees on the pavement that day.

Time for the last event on the year. 24 hours of Seven Oaks.

I had a solid finish for second place. I had to put everything I had into finishing there. I was still exhausted from the entire season and the course was the toughest of the year.

In October, Angela and I moved into our first new home.

And yes, in February, I turned 30.

For my birthday, I decided to treat myself to a royal punishment and ski the Mora Vassaloppet 58km skate race. Tough year being as warm as it was.

Before the craziness of spring rolled around the corner, Angela and I ducked out to a long weekend in Puerto Vallarta. Great time and I would go back in a heart beat in the winter time.

More to come as it is May and bike racing has begun and I am already behind. More pics of life and bikes to come.