Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The Wausau24 is a race that has a format that starts at 10am and goes till the next morning. I prefer this format as the day gets long, the nights get longer, and I get faster as time goes on. This is the first race of the season for me and it is being used as a preparation race for the upcoming U. S. National Championships. Having it been a while since I have raced, I was rearing to go. The race started with the usual lemond running start. Not my specialty. Rolling with the plan of having the first three laps pretty fast, the racers and the riders were going to be seperated early. Moving up continuously through the first three laps, I was ridining is fourth. On lap four, the pace was still being held fast and picking off one more rider and seeing the race leaders in the singletrack, I was feeling pretty good. Lap four complete and onto "FIVE" The was getting closer at this point with the leaders about two minutes ahead. Two minutes is nothing in a 24 hour race unless Mother Nature has anything to say about it. With the lap nearing completion, the skies opened up and down came the rain. Not just a gentle rain, but one like the Midwest ohas experienced numerous of times this summer. Along with rain, thunder and lightning, the race was going to continue I thought. Unknown to me, the weather rules stated by the race director stating the race will cease if lightning is present. What seem unfair and still a weighted issue that will pass, my fifth lap did not count because of the lightning. That is a huge blow so early on in a 24 hour race and the harder blow was that the timing area was not closed yet when the two riders ahead of me had their laps count. Not fair.

Race on hold for 1.5 hrs.

At the restart, feeling deafed only hours into a race and having 17 hours still to go was a mind challenge. Knowing that I was an hour and a full lap behind on great competition, I knew the race may have been lost there. I stayed focused at the restart to pursue my own goals in preparation of Colorado Springs.

I rode very strong through the entirety of the race. Taking a maximum of 1 minute 45 seconds between laps help keep my legs loose to keep turning the pedals over and over. Moving through the night, nutrition played the biggest factor so I would stay fueled for the long night. 4a.m. was the toughest point for me. I felt like I was intoxicated and I came a few points where I was hallucinating. Made it through that lap and it got easier as day broke.

I finished the Wausau24 in fourth place. I was a little disappointed in the end placing, but I did come away with some very valuable information. I totaled about 220 miles in just less than 22 hours. I could not do this if it was not for my sponsors and providing me with the best bikes and equipment to keep me rolling. A huge special thanks to my wife, Angela. She is the back bone of the support crew taking care of everything while I am on the bike. Even being 28 weeks pregnant, she is a trooper. Also thanks to Ryan Horkey for assistance through the night.

Up next is 24 Hour U.S. National Championships. Stay tuned.

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