Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A view of a quick year!!

June 2010, Parry Sound, Ontario.

3rd Place, 24 hours of Summer Solstice. Great race and great competition.

On our way home with a little run on the beach. Well, a run for Angela and Pavlov. Both of them were my awesome support crew.

One month later, it was time to tackle another 24 hour race. This time we were in WI for Wausau 24 at Nine Mile Forest.

Seems to me, 3rd place was going to be the story of the year.

A little break in the action for me, but now it was time for Angela to do her thing. Chicago Olympic Triatlon. She had fun, and did an amazing job. I was a nervous wreck watching the bike portion. Biking on a highway, coned off from traffic and potholes everywhere; not a good scenario.

She finished and did a great good in overcoming the heat. It was like 103 degrees on the pavement that day.

Time for the last event on the year. 24 hours of Seven Oaks.

I had a solid finish for second place. I had to put everything I had into finishing there. I was still exhausted from the entire season and the course was the toughest of the year.

In October, Angela and I moved into our first new home.

And yes, in February, I turned 30.

For my birthday, I decided to treat myself to a royal punishment and ski the Mora Vassaloppet 58km skate race. Tough year being as warm as it was.

Before the craziness of spring rolled around the corner, Angela and I ducked out to a long weekend in Puerto Vallarta. Great time and I would go back in a heart beat in the winter time.

More to come as it is May and bike racing has begun and I am already behind. More pics of life and bikes to come.

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