Friday, August 10, 2012

Wausau 24- 2012

The Wausau24 event for 2012 entailed a 12 hour solo fitness test. I went to the race with the mindset of riding harder than I normally do in a 24 hour event for the first five hours.

Six hours into the race.
On the last lap (number 13) and in the lead. I kept the hammer down staying consitant with lap times.

Finished with a total ride time of 12:18 completing 13 laps for a total of 143 miles.

All cleaned up and ready to step on the top of the podium.

Now this is one great crew. Thanks to my wife, Angela, for managing the team. Deegan was there for the smile support!

I went to Wausau to check on my fitness; I would say my fitness is right on track for September.