Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reading TIme

Here is a picture that was taken not too long ago of Deegan. He is growing and changing so quick now; it is so much fun.
The main point of the picture is Deegan wanted to show the Cathedral High School Nordic team how much he loves his books. Deegan, Angela and I were given these as a gift from all the kids on the ski team a couple months ago as they recognized my time and effort I put into the ski team. The CHS kids picked out some of their favorite childhood books for Deegan hoping that he enjoys them as much as they did. I have to say, he really likes his books.
 Yes, coaching does take a lot of time especially when we travel to races on an overnight but it is worth it.  What a great bunch of people to be surrounded by.  Like all the other things, like working and training, going on in my life, all is made better when I get to come home to this...

For the bike and training update all is going well. I have some exciting news coming up and also I have decided to grow up and ride some big boy bikes this year from CANNONDALE!

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  1. Holy Crap!!!! It's a new post. Game on now. Let's go ride sometime!