Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My alarm clock..

I wanted to start the day off by throwing my alarm clock out the window. I think that my wife did also. She said to me at 5 a.m. somthing this morning, " I have heard it go off twice now, get up." Thanks, that is what I needed on this rainy morning. So instead of ditching the alarm clock, I threw my legs out from the covers and proceeded to start the day.
First up, I needed to get my coffee in. Then I had two little doggies pouncing on me to get their food. I would say that they are spoiled because they get to eat even before I get a sip of coffee.

Now it is time to tackle what I got up for so early. I am headed off in the dark for the first hour of my 2 hour ride this morning. Last nights ride was canceled do to the rain. It was kind of sad because I think there were a few that were really looking forward to the ride. I guess that flexiblity is key when it is above average temps nearly in December. Usually I could have gone skiing if biking was canceled for the night. Instead I changed the rest day up.

Time to go saddle up.

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