Thursday, October 15, 2009

IMBA Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

The title of this entry is somewhat incorrect, it should read, "Take a Group of Kids Mountain Biking." Last week I meet up with 7 kids and their group leader from the St. Cloud Childrens Home. We met over at the North Loop Mountain Bike Trails to meet and greet, do a little skills clinic and then hit the trail. For some this was the first time riding the trail and the excitement was there.

In the trail we stopped at some of the rock gardens, log drop and a few other areas so I could demonstrate how to approach and ride the obstacles. A few of the kids even tried some of them making a great effort. Even though they did not make it that day, I told them to keep on trying. Practice makes perfect! (At least that is what I tell myself when I get tangled up.)

Here is a picture that was taken at bridge two on Granny Hill.

I applauded the kids that overcame a little fear when approaching the bridges. We had a couple successes, a few that said next time I am going to do it, and one who crashed very hard off the bridge that said next time I will conquer it. At first I thought that the crash was going to end this person's day, but there is something to be said about getting bucked of and jumping right back on. This person did just that and I must say she is quite a trooper!!!

Wrapping the ride up I realized that it was just past 5 o'clock and time for them to get back. I asked one of them if they were going to still get dinner? He replied, "As long as I am having fun, I would miss dinner any night for this."

A few others asked when we are going to do this again? Sounds like this might happen more than once a year. Maybe once a month is in order next season?

Thank you Mary at WalkingBillboards for donating the custom T Shirts for the day. It brought upon many smiles!


  1. Its awesome that you took the kids out... you made a difference for each of those kids!

  2. I know the season is winding down, but if you have a contact person for this sort of stuff, let me know. I'd love to be part of something like this.