Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fat Tire Festival

This past weekend was what some call the big show. I would now consider the big show Interbike, but for racers Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival is. Here is my recap of the weekend.

Friday Angela and I headed out of town with the car filled to the brim with the dogs. We were able to arrive in Hayward in the late afternoon to get a leg stretcher on the bike and do a little reconnaissance out at Rosie's Field. After a nice little spin we headed to Telemark Resort to pick up the goodies and return to town for a dinner at the local pizza joint.

Can't believe it but it was the morning of the race already. It had een on the calendar for what seems like forever and it was here. Race time- less than 2 hours. I got suited up and checked the bike over one last time. All systems go except for me. I had some stomach issues in the morning and I thought that it passed but still did not feel great. Nothing that I could really do but tough it out and go race. Got a great warm up in for what I thought was going to be a race from the gun. I was wrong and it was a nice surprise. The roll out was very controlled until we hit the main highway. It was great not to hear any bikes and bodies sliding across the pavement.
This is where my reconnaissance on Friday helped. When the pace was getting really fast and you could tell the others were picking their spots for the entrance of the trail. I, too, was doing the same thing, but I went to the outside where everyone else went to the inside. My move proved to be a good one as I was able to accelerate past a group of racers to find myself placed in a group of fast riders. At the top of Rosie's Field I could see the leaders and I new that I was in good position. I settled in with the group of about 10 and we motored through the Birkie Trail what seemed to be pretty fast. I arrived at OO doing a little self check. Yes, I was working really hard and one problem was that I had not been drinking enough of my fluids. I got my fluid feed from Angela there and I soon crashed off the trail from another rider losing my position. It is tough seeing racers go by that you had passed when I thought they were out of sight. I think that I lost about 15 positions from taking a detour into the woods. Back on the gas to catch that group. Slowly but surely, I played my cards right and I kept picking riders off. Getting to about 8 miles left where there was more climbing, I could tell that my 12 hour endurance racing was paying off; I was fresh and my competitors were not. I accelerated a few more times and at this point I was watching the clock. I wanted to better my best time of 2:22 and I had to motor if I wanted to do that. I found my last gear that turned my body inside out and kept it that way for the last couple of miles.

I came rolling in at 2:19 in 61st overall. I was very pleased with the result. I had zero mechanicals and I left everything I had on the course. After the race I was feelling pretty yucky. I think that the lack of fluids throughout the race had left me dehydrated. I know that I have to drink but seems like there was not time. That was my own fault and I paid the price.

Others that had great races were Kyia-2nd place woman, Ben-PB time, Taggart, Matt, Jeff, Charlie, and John. Way to go!! I think that Cannondale Scalpels won the battle of the bikes for the day. I know that my Cannondale was super fast.


  1. Good race! It was great meeting you and Angela on Saturday night. I have got to agree that the endurance racing fitness always seems to be a big plus towards the end of these faster races. Take care.