Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We're Famous...

There are many ways in which you could call us famous. The first one is referring to the Midwest as, " We are famous for having the w0rst weather!" I am sick of the snow for the first time this year. I would have welcomed the snow like other times this year, but I am in full bike mode along with the rest of the fellow cyclists in the area. Time to clean up the roads and the trails to dry out. At least clean and dry roads. The trails are going to be wet for a long time this year.

The reason for my title of this blog is that my wife and I are pictured in this months issue of Minnesota Monthly. So if you are sick of the cold and are curled up inside reading, page through the issue to find Mr. & Mrs. Schroden.

Training has been going pretty good. I still have not had a consistant amount of time on the bike. I had been skiing a lot up till last weekend and the skiing was great. The one thing about not being on the bike the whole entire winter is that I am really excited to get on the bike finally.
The last five days on the bike have been really good so hopefully this snow melts quick and I can get back on the roads.

Til next time....

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  1. sucks for you. It might b e a little cold out here in big sky country but there is no snow to speak of. Been out on a few rides so far.