Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chequamegon 100 Completed

This past weekend I made my way over to compete in the inaugural Chequamegon 100. The race started in Seeley, WI at 7 a.m. on Saturday with about 170 riders in attendance. The start of the race rolled us out on gravel roads, very soon to double track and not more than 3 miles in we were on the promised singletrack. More than 75 miles of singletrack for the day.
From the start we rode back to Hayward on singletrack with a little mix of the Chequamegon 40 trail backwards. I was very happy to ride the singletrack instead of the 40 trail. Too open and boring but still very beautiful. Once we arrived at Hatchery Creek trailhead, the group of us amounted to 7. Yes, we were the lead group.
At about mile 30 something we stopped to make sure we were going to correct way. A couple more riders joined us that were riding very fast. We had a great group now. Now at 40 miles in, we were unsure where we were and what direction to go. Yes, we are not on trail and a little lost. We have now rode the same singletrack 3 times back and forth trying to find our way, and riding way out of our way. Some tempers started to flare but I just thought to myself that I am riding my bike and enjoying myself.
We found our way onto the trail and arrived at the drop point where we were able to have some nutrition or whatever one may need dropped off. I used a Victoria's Secret bag to identify my bag so I had zero time trying to find mine amonst all the others. I was glad to see that bag!
Seven minutes and we were off again. Some riders chose one way, we chose another, and we soon found out that neither of us were on the correct trail. At this point, we were about 6.5 miles over out targeted mileage. We, Horkey and Heath, agreed that we couldn't waste time or energy going in the wrong direction anymore. From the 65 mile cue point, we made sure that we were going in the right direction. I wanted to take that 3 seconds to keep my mental sanity at each marker. It worked kind of. One more time being unsure of our route through some logging area and then we were on track again. Just three of us on trail together and there was not too much talking going on but we were on our way. Just more and more singletrack to one last big climb on the Birkie trail that lead us to the final gravel road to bring us home. The day ended with close to 110 miles traveled in 9 hours with a tie for 3rd place.
Cheers to a great event with great people. Great job Tim and Joe.
I tried to load a pic but was unable at this time.