Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Month of May- Where???

It's June already and I can't believe it. Seems like not that long ago that the skis were put away to make the shop full on bike season. Well, it is here. Bike season has been great in many ways. The shop is doing very well and we are definitely keeping busy. As for myself, training continues and I am eagerly awaiting the next race.
I do have to say that I am pleased with how the first race went overall, and I can't believe that it has come and gone already. Like other things, it seems not that long ago that my wife and I planted the garden, but it shows signs of growth already. That is really exciting!!
With a little time to reflect on my first attempt at the solo 12 hour discipline, I must say that I did very well. The many hours of training put in over the last 8 months and the nutritional experiments have definitely paid off in the long run (I mean the long rides)! The first race took place at the Reforestation Camp in Green Bay, WI. It's a great trail that really suits my riding style. For the duration of the race which consisted of 11 hours and 20 minutes, I covered 139 miles to finish fourth on the day. I was pleased with my result, but most importantly I am focused on what I need to do next time to better my result.
My Cannondale Team Scalpel was superb and so was my Cannondale Taurine. I had to start on my Taurine set up for the wet conditions and as soon as the rain stopped, then I was able to move over to the Scalpel of which I stayed on for the rest of the day. I must say that the bikes were dialed and a special thanks to my dad for making sure that everything ran smooth during the race. Great Harvest Bread Company of Waite Park, MN and Powerbar Nutrition kept me fueled for the entire day. Thank you very much, the day would have been a lot harder without your generous support.
(I also used my secret concoction a few times, RB:H20, ask me if you want the details.)
Over the last couple of weeks I have been taking care of a little overused knee. I guess that's what happens when you turn the cranks over 57,000 times. I will be ready for the next race though, which is now only 11 days out.
Check back soon... more posts and pics to come.

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